Our Mission

 We are a locally owned family theatre company who offers a fun-filled and safe environment for individuals to perform and learn the many aspects of theatre. Whether you are an actor, crew member, or staff, it  is our mission that each individual is treated with respect and as a member of our theatre family. No matter what your level of experience, there is a place for you to shine! We produce musicals, plays, and tailored Murder Mysteries. We are passionate about producing quality productions that leave our audiences with an emotional connection to the piece long after they leave the theatre.

 Todd Bonzi - Todd has been performing as both a professional and community actor in the area for 34 years. He has performed in title roles in many musicals (including Bonzi Productions) and is a hired singer in the area. Todd was hired as Kevin Anderson's stand-in for the Hollywood film, A Thousand Acres. He is also a hired magician in the area. He has performed and co-written many murder mysteries for hire for the area. He co-owns Bonzi Productions and serves as the musical and technical director. Todd holds a Bachelor of Science degree from NIU which serves him well in his day profession. 

Michele Bonzi - Michele has performed as a professional and community actor for 38 years in the community and surrounding area. She was hired as an extra for two Hollywood films. As a director, she has directed over 100 productions for theatres and schools in the community and surrounding area as well as her company. She has co-written and performed in many murder mysteries for hire in and around the area. Michele has written two plays that were produced on stage and one of which that was selected and performed at the Illinois Theatre Festival. She holds a BA in theatre and teaching from Rockford University. She has taught Performing Arts in schools for 12 years. Michele co-owns and serves as the Artistic Director for Bonzi Productions. She has a passion for instilling the Arts beginning a young age.

Todd and Michele have two children, Ben and Samantha, who have been performing on stage since the age of two. Currently, Ben still performs in the area (including Bonzi Productions) and works full-time. Ben has taken classes at Second City and loves character and comedy roles. He lives in the area with his fiancée Marisa and their dog, Daisy. They are looking forward to getting married in 2020. Samantha has performed in the area and has performed and choreographed for Bonzi Productions. Currently, she has relocated and is working as a professional actress in Chicago.

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